A genuine handmade cup of coffee

One of the most widely known and popular methods of manual brewing is the drip brewer, also known as a pour over. This method is comparable in concept to what a standard coffee maker does with some very important exceptions.

An important difference between an automatic drip coffee maker and a manual drip brewer is the water temperature. Most automatic coffee makers simply do not get the water hot enough to extract all the flavors you want out of your coffee. You want water that is just off the boil, around 200-205 degrees. This is pretty widely accepted as the ideal water temperature range.

You don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment to start down the road of manual coffee brewing. The most basic drip brewer that I recommend is the Melitta drip brewer. You can purchase it online for around 5 dollars. I have seen them at most grocery stores as well. While this is not the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing drip brewer, it will get you good results. It is also light weight and not easily broken.

Don’t let the simplicity of the drip brewer fool you. It is not something that is easily mastered. There are lengthy YouTube videos, heated forum debates, and even a manual brewing championship. Don’t get too caught up in all the technical details either. You are just brewing a cup of coffee.

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