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Thumbs Down Chicago Bears

As the 5-11 Chicago Bears wind down a disappointing season with their fifth straight loss, I thought I would do something else that would leave a bad taste in my mouth, roast and taste a batch of bad coffee.

I purchased a pound of Sweet Maria’s “Thumbs Down” coffee back in 2012 with the intention of experiencing a cup of coffee that was rated as truly bad by one of my coffee heroes.

The pound of coffee I received was described as follows:

Panama “Dry Process Experiment Gone Awry”
Fruity, vinegary, musty, ack! Here is an example of unclean fruit flavors, a textbook case of processing taint. heavy body, cloying fruit notes, slightly rotten coffee cherry flavor, musty scent and flavors in the finish, medicinal.

Recently some of the best coffees in the world have been coming out of Panama, why would someone want to taste a coffee that is vinegary, musty, and slightly rotten tasting?

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Kids and Coffee: Challenging the Assumptions

“Coffee will stunt your growth.”

That is what my dad would always tell me about coffee when I was growing up.

Is it true?

Recently, I was having a discussion with my wife about some friends of ours, and somehow she mentioned that they give their kids (young kids) coffee. Naturally, I was perplexed and a little worried. “How could they give their kids coffee, it will stunt their growth!” My wife insisted it was a thing. There are people out there giving kids coffee.

I was curious.

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Coffee Hacks- Surviving Bad Coffee

Christmas is coming and with it are holiday parties, get-togethers with friends, and visiting with family. Unfortunately, some of these gatherings also include sub-par coffee. The more you learn about and experience the potential of coffee, the harder it is to settle for a basic, run of the mill cup of joe.

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