Cowboy coffee is not a something you hear a lot about in the specialty coffee world. It doesn’t use elegant and sophisticated equipment. There aren’t any trendy cowboy coffee brewing competitions with clever posters. It is simple and uses no equipment save a pot. It may not be the most stylish brew method of the coffee world, but cowboy coffee is a manual coffee brewing technique none-the-less. Let’s talk about it.

I would like to give some credit for this post to Steve who left a comment on my French Press post recommending this method. Thanks Steve!
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Like French press coffee, cowboy coffee is an immersion brewing technique. If you need a refresher, immersion brewing is a method where the grounds are soaked in water for a predetermined amount of time. The coffee is then separated from the grounds and consumed. Immersion brewing techniques typically use larger grind particle size and a few minutes of steep time.

The premise of the cowboy coffee technique is simple. Grounds are added to a pot of water, the water is brought to a boil, the concoction is cooled slightly allowing the grounds to sink and it is ready to drink. No filters, gooseneck kettles or timers needed. As with all manual brewing techniques, the devil is in the details. Let’s see how good of a cup of coffee we can make when “breaking all the rules.”

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