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Aeropress for Beginners- A Brewing Tutorial

There are some manual brewing devices that have been around for over a century like Melitta Benz’s revolutionary paper filter and pour-over brewer (circa 1908) and there are some that are classics like the iconic Chemex.

It is a rarity to find a manual brewer that is so original that not only does it warrant it’s own brewing method, it sparks creativity and innovation to sweep through the coffee community. The Aeropress is that brewer.

What is The Aeropress?

The Aeropress is an immersion brewing device that has gained an immense amount of popularity and support across the third wave coffee community. The brewer is a simple but ingenious design. It is made of hard plastic and consists of a cylindrical tube where coffee is brewed, a screened cap for holding the filtering medium and a plunger that pushes the slurry through the filter. It is kind of like a cookie press for coffee.

The Aeropress also features some genius design innovations with include a hexagonal shape at the base to prevent rolling, easy clean-up (it is nearly self-cleaning) and inexpensive filters. The brewer itself is quite affordable and durable.

Typical extras that are included with the Aeropress are a funnel, a plastic stirring paddle, a nylon storage bag, approximately 1,000,000 filters (implied hyperbole here, I think mine came with 700) and a plastic filter storage bin.

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Meet the Angel’s Cup Black Box

I got home from work a month and a half ago to see the 4 inch by 11 inch box on my kitchen counter. Inside the box were 4 perfectly packaged 2.75 ounce coffee samples in small black bags arranged in a neat little row. My Black Box from Angel’s Cup had arrived and it was pretty impressive.

What is Angel’s Cup

I’ve talked about Angel’s Cup a few times before but in case you missed it.

Angel’s Cup is a coffee subscription service that is different from all the other coffee subscription services. While I believe every subscription service tries to bring something different to the table, the Angel’s Cup team has succeeded and brought something of value, originality and uniqueness to the world of third wave coffee. Here is how:

A variety of coffee to try

Angel’s Cup offers a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription plan which contains four unique coffees. Each time you receive you subscription in the mail, you will get four one ounce samples of new coffees to try. This means if you are a weekly subscriber, you will have the opportunity to try 208 different coffees over the course of a year. That is a lot of coffee sampling.

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Flash Brew- Two Easy No Mess Iced Coffee Recipes

When I wrote about cold brewed coffee last month, I shared some pros and cons of the brewing method. One thing I neglected to mention was that for me, one of the biggest drawbacks of the method is the mess it can make. While it is not unmanageable, when it is coupled with needing the foresight to start a brew 12 hours in advance, I will frequently take a pass on cold brewing and instead opt for flash brewing my coffee instead.

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy iced coffee. Here is an overview of flash brewed coffee (Japanese Iced Coffee) and a few recipes that should get you enjoying a cold, refreshing coffee over ice within minutes instead of tomorrow.

Is it Iced Coffee or Cold Brew?

You may recall from my post about cold brew coffee that there is a difference between the terms iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Cold brew, as well as flash brew, are methods of brewing coffee. Iced coffee describes a way of serving a brewed coffee.

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