I got home from work a month and a half ago to see the 4 inch by 11 inch box on my kitchen counter. Inside the box were 4 perfectly packaged 2.75 ounce coffee samples in small black bags arranged in a neat little row. My Black Box from Angel’s Cup had arrived and it was pretty impressive.

What is Angel’s Cup

I’ve talked about Angel’s Cup a few times before but in case you missed it.

Angel’s Cup is a coffee subscription service that is different from all the other coffee subscription services. While I believe every subscription service tries to bring something different to the table, the Angel’s Cup team has succeeded and brought something of value, originality and uniqueness to the world of third wave coffee. Here is how:

A variety of coffee to try

Angel’s Cup offers a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription plan which contains four unique coffees. Each time you receive you subscription in the mail, you will get four one ounce samples of new coffees to try. This means if you are a weekly subscriber, you will have the opportunity to try 208 different coffees over the course of a year. That is a lot of coffee sampling.

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