Coffee and the outdoors go together about as well as any two things can. Whether it is on the side of a mountain, a patio at your favorite cafe or at home on your back deck, the fresh air was never quite so sweet and the coffee never lasts quite long enough when the two are paired together. You gotta love coffee outside.

While the “coffee outside” genre encompasses a great many different ways to prepare and enjoy coffee and the outdoors together, I want to focus on the brewing and enjoyment in a general sense without talking specifically about camping, backpacking or other sub-genres. While this post will certainly touch on aspects that can be applied to them all, this is about getting outside and enjoying coffee exclusive from other pursuits that coffee outside is often added onto. (You can hopefully look forward to a post on coffee and bicycle touring in the near future)

The Setting- Early Mornings, Crisp Air and Hot Coffee

If you have never partaken in this quintessential part of the coffee experience, it is a good time of year to give it a try.

Around here, the mid-August mornings are starting to feel a little crisp and cooler. The sunrise is slated to be a little after six o’clock and getting later by the day. The birds are cheerfully chirping, breaking up the morning stillness.

Enjoying coffee in the outdoors doesn’t have to be a big production. If there was a flow chart for coffee outside, the first question would be: Do you already have a cup coffee? If yes, go outside and enjoy it.

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