Next week the blog will be turning one. While I was perusing old blog posts for ideas for an anniversary post, I came across this gem: Journaling and Challenging Yourself with Deliberate Practice.

Along with a few typos and formatting errors, I found it to be a pretty intense post. It has high aspirations, bold plans and even a mathematical concept or two. It is also one that I have had almost zero percent follow through on. My habit of journaling my brewing and improving my technique is still virtually nonexistent. (I’d be embarrassed but I think it is also one of my least read posts.)

After the I posted that article, I made a page layout template, cut out a cover (out of a Three Floyds six pack) and attempted to make an elaborate coptic stitch brew journal (it would have been pretty cool).

I smile at my blind ambition and the memory of my wife incredulously dismissing my original goal of recording two brewing sessions a day and encouraging me to start with one and see how it goes. Let’s do a postmortem on this journaling ambition. Where did I go wrong and why didn’t it work out the way I planned?

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