When I posted my guide to buying coffee at the grocery store, I also mentioned several (better) alternatives. Getting fresh coffee from your local roaster was one of those options I championed.

“The local roaster is a great option for getting fresh coffee. It is also a great place to learn about coffee. If you have someone near you that roasts, you are lucky. Take advantage of it. Go to public cuppings, ask questions and learn about coffee directly from someone who is immersed in it daily.”-What Coffee Should I Buy at the Grocery Store?

In this post I want to talk about one of my local* roasters, Fresh Ground Roasting.

Fresh Ground Roasting

Located in Geneva Illinois, Fresh Ground is owned by Eric and Krista Andersen. This husband and wife team have built their roasting works with the goal of intentionally building relationships, both locally and globally.

The shop is located a few blocks north of Geneva’s picturesque main street. Inside you will find a prominently displayed Diedrich roaster, coffee (of course), manual brewing devices and a friendly staff. Although they do not sell brewed coffee at the shop, there will typically be a sample of one of their offerings available to try.

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