The time has come for coffee blogs to publish their coffee gift ideas and give a commentary on the new gadgets and gear that has been released since last December. Last year, I tried to focus on a few unique coffee related gifts. For the most part, those gift ideas are still relevant this year (feel free to go back and peruse my 2014 ideas).

This year, I want to again focus on items that are a little more unique or unusual for the coffee enthusiast. However, I also realize the “old standbys” are great gifts and it helps to have the basics covered before you show up Christmas morning with something elaborate like a Dragon Brewer with Assassin case for your K-cup loving Nonna.

If are looking for gift ideas for the beginner coffee explorer or the coffee enthusiast, these two guides below may help you rock that shopping list.

When all else fails you could always go all out and get one of these bad boys….

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