In full disclosure, the fine folks over at Minos Living sent me over a Minos Moka Pot free of charge to get my feedback and as a possible subject for a product review.

In the coffee business there are a few brewers that are long-standing classics, overwhelmingly dominate in their field, true icons. The Bialetti Stove Top Espresso maker stands out as one such icon, nearly untouchable and uncontested.

If you search Amazon for stove top espresso makers, you will see the Original Bialetti Moka Express at the top and then the rest of the page is mostly knock-offs sporting the same basic design. There is also the Bialetti Venus and all it’s knock-offs. It isn’t until you get to the fourth page (at least for me) that you come across something different, a uniquely designed, rounded (almost egg shaped) moka pot with a pop of color, the Minos Moka Pot.

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