Once again it is time to start thinking about the Christmas season and finding that perfect (or at least acceptable) gift for the coffee enthusiast on your list. While I have been neglecting my blog a bit as of late, I could not let the season pass without producing a gift guide. Here is the Brewing Coffee Manually Blog’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide:

Want more ideas? Here are the gift guides from previous years:

A Bag of Coffee and a Sweet Mug

Every year, there are more gadgets added to the craft coffee scene. Some are very clever, some are very useful and some disappear into the abundance of mediocre offerings (cruft) after the hype settles. If you are unsure about getting your recipient another gadget to store and learn it’s operation (some people enjoy this and some people like to keep it simple), a great bag of coffee and a cool mug have to be the go-to gift. Here are a few of my favorite coffee mugs that are available this year:

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