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The Boxo Coffee Subscription Review and Informational

The coffee subscription company Boxo started sending me coffee when I was in the midst of (drowning in) my kitchen renovation (the blog is still reeling from the residual effects of that remodel and having a new baby). Since then, they have generously sent me a few more of their coffee boxes. Over the last couple months through correspondence and sampling their coffee, I’ve gotten a sense of who Boxo coffee is and some of the values the company holds. A post on their coffee subscription is definitely past due. Here is the rundown on Boxo’s monthly box of adventure.

What is Boxo Coffee

Boxo coffee, out of Kansas City, offers a different take on the coffee subscription model. As far as I know, they are the only coffee subscription with an emphasis on exploring coffee by the cities they are roasted in.

Boxo is run by a team of adventurers and world travelers. They believe in experiencing coffee the way you would if you were visiting a city: one part recommendation, one part discovery and one part pleasant surprise.

Each month the Boxo team ships coffee from two of their favorite roasters in a city they would like their subscribers to explore. Each month you get to taste some of the best coffee a U.S. city has to offer. It is pretty cool.

In additional to 16 ounces (two 8 oz. packages) of great coffee, the Boxo subscription box contains a limited edition print from the creative minds at Normal Human (Boxo founder Derek also helps with art design ideas). Each box also contains a detailed card that talks about the included coffees and roasters.

What I like about Boxo

I like Boxo Coffee.

They ship great coffee, have a unique perspective on the coffee subscription model and I just get excited when a Boxo box arrives in my mailbox. Here is a more in-depth look into what I like about Boxo:

Superb Coffee

The coffee that Boxo selects for their monthly box are of high caliber but not always roasters you would think of trying. Here are the roasters I have been able to try from my Boxo subscription (all of the coffee was superb):

In case you are worrying about the freshness and logistics aspect of a subscription service that reships coffee, Boxo says, on average, coffee arrives less than seven days from the roast date.

Come for the coffee, stay for the artwork

Coupled with t fact that you can count on Boxo to deliver great coffee is the amazing artwork that they ship each month. The artwork is funky, unique and I look forward to seeing what they come up with each month.Boxo Coffee Art

Maybe it’s the collector in me or maybe it is the Instagrammer, either way I’ve enjoyed having the artwork around. One piece, Arabica Abstracta, has even found a permanent home on the wall next to my coffee bar.

A great gift for coffee lovers

Buying a gift for someone who is a coffee enthusiast can sometimes be a losing proposition. If you don’t know much about a person’s preferences except that they REALLY like coffee, Boxo might be the perfect gift.

The coffee is great and the artwork is unique but low key enough that you aren’t forcing them to display something in the off chance they don’t dig it.

Why Boxo might not be for you

As much as I like Boxo, I know it isn’t for everyone. There is not a one-size-fits-all coffee subscription model. Here are a few reasons you might want to pass up on Boxo for now:

Short on coffee funds

If money is tight, Boxo might not be your first choice. While the pricing is fair, it is not the best bang for your buck. Boxo starts at $28.99 per month but you can get a bulk discount by buying two pounds a month ($48.99) or buying an entire year at once ($299.99 or $24.99 a month).

When looking at the pricing structure, keep in mind that you are getting a full pound of coffee (and cool artwork) not a 12 ounce bag like most roasters sell. This price also includes shipping so it really is reasonable in the end.

You are over your coffee capacity

Like most monthly coffee subscriptions, Boxo delivers at the beginning of each month. If you already have a subscription (or two) that ships out at the beginning of the month, this could pose a problem. You could end up in a feast or famine coffee cycle where you are inundated with coffee the first week of the month and have no coffee the last week of the month.

One option to bypass such a scenario is to find a coffee buddy to split coffee with. Otherwise, you may have to choose between Boxo and any of your other favorite subscriptions that deliver the first of the month.

Not what you are looking for

One of the reasons there are so many coffee subscriptions out there is because people enjoy and experience coffee in many different ways.

Let’s face it; Boxo just might not be your thing and that is okay.

Want some Boxo?

Derek one of the founders of Boxo summed it up best by saying:

“We don’t take life too seriously. Our goal is to find awesome coffee from awesome people and showcase that to the rest of the nation. It’s an adventure that we love to share with others, but would gladly be doing anyhow- even if Boxo wasn’t a thing!”

Well said Derek.

If you agree with Boxo’s company mission and are interested in procuring your own box of adventure, head on over to their site and subscribe.

Even if a Boxo subscription isn’t how you want to experience your coffee, you can still support them by checking them out on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Also, be sure to share with your friends if you think they might be interested in a Boxo subscription. 


  1. So your review inspired me to give them a go as I’ve been hardcore Angels’ Cup and really gotten used to about 4 new coffees a week but what I’ve noticed is that a lot of origins tend to repeat themselves. Even with different roasters or processing methods, I’m craving something different but for a good value.

    I was excited that Boxo would feature different roasters from US cities but imagine how hard I laughed when I opened the first one and it was Atlanta! But that was tempered by noticing the roasters were Rev and Firelight.

    Instead of a new coffee every day for a week though I’m going to have to try different brew methods during the month. I’ve been so Chemex focused, it will be a nice challenge.

    • Sharon,
      I’m glad you decided to give Boxo a try. It is unfortunate that your first box of adventure was from your backyard but at least the coffees are stellar. It is also the first time that they have shipped two naturals, they have had a good amount of variety between the other shipments I have received.

      You will have to share your favorite brew method and recipe with me when you find one that really shines.

      Thanks for the comment and letting me know you decided to give Boxo a try.


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