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Brewing Coffee Manually Blog’s 2017 Christmas Coffee Gift Guide

Once again it is time to start thinking about the Christmas season and finding that perfect (or at least acceptable) gift for the coffee enthusiast on your list. While I have been neglecting my blog a bit as of late, I could not let the season pass without producing a gift guide. Here is the Brewing Coffee Manually Blog’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide:

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A Bag of Coffee and a Sweet Mug

Every year, there are more gadgets added to the craft coffee scene. Some are very clever, some are very useful and some disappear into the abundance of mediocre offerings (cruft) after the hype settles. If you are unsure about getting your recipient another gadget to store and learn it’s operation (some people enjoy this and some people like to keep it simple), a great bag of coffee and a cool mug have to be the go-to gift. Here are a few of my favorite coffee mugs that are available this year:

If you are unsure about purchasing a mug, a great bag of craft coffee is always a thoughtful and well received gift on it’s own. Another alternative is to get them a gift to a coffee subscription service. Angels’ Cup is my favorite for gift giving purposes.

  1. Perc Diner Mug-It’s teal and it’s a diner mug. Throw in a bag of Perc Coffee and you have yourself a gift to write home about (and probably free shipping).
  2. Stumptown WIllow Mug– Another diner mug (I am kind of partial to them). This one sports an elegant (and limited edition) willow tree design.
  3. Bindle Dinosaur Mug– If you don’t know what a bindle is, it is that handkerchief on a stick thing you see people carrying who are of the transient persuasion. Bindle gave one to a dinosaur and put in on a yellow, Not Netrual Lino mug. Pretty rad.
  4. Stone Creek “Crush It” Mug– Lime green interior, nostalgic big wheel and an inspirational message- surely there is someone on your list that needs this mug.
  5. Crema X Bean and Bailey Slip Cast Mug– This is the most intriguing (for me) mug on the list. I had the opportunity to visit Crema last spring and everything about the place is amazing. Crema also features some repurposed vintage mugs that are be worth checking out.
  6. Handlebar Mug– Another yellow Not Neutral Lino Mug (this one also comes in white or grey). This offering from Handlebar Coffee Roasters sports some drop bars and the inspiration message, “Get a grip.”
  7. McCool Clay Still Summer Mug– The only mug that isn’t from a coffee roaster. The “Still Summer” mug is hand thrown ceramic with a camping motif. It’s perfect for coffee outside or the outdoor enthusiast.
  8. River City Roasters Enamel Camping Mug (Mini)– I saw this little camping mug in person at the River City Roaster location and I can’t believe I didn’t pick up one (or two). This is a great kid’s “coffee” gift.
  9. Huckleberry Ceramic Camper Mug– If you like the look of a enameled camp mug but prefer drinking out of ceramic, this mug should fill you with a certain level of excitement.
  10. Honest Rosters Abe Mug– Printed on a standard white coffee mug, the “Abraham Lincoln smoking a pipe with a wreath around him” thing is pretty catchy. Sometimes it is nice to have a mug that is seasonal.


As I was browsing through all the various coffee websites looking at their mugs. I came across a few other noteworthy merchandise items. If your recipient has an overflowing mug cupboard maybe a t-shirt (or bandana) is a better idea.

  1. La Columbe Dove Pocket T-shirt– A comfortable looking shirt that is not overtly coffee. Throw in a 4-pack of draft lattes to round out the gift.
  2. King State Coffee T-shirt– I have never had their coffee (I have been to Bandit Coffee, which serves it) but I love their logo and style.
  3. Little Wolf Illustration Tee– Another cool T-shirt from a roaster I am not familiar with.
  4. Huckleberry Chemex Tee– The iconic Chemex with mountain scene inside it. Colorado in a t-shirt?
  5. Four Barrel “Know Your Brew” Bandana– While not everything on the Four Barrel merchandise page jives with me, I really like this bandana. It has cool illustrations and an Aeropress recipe/ instruction guide on it.

A Few Coffee Gear Items of Note

It is no secret that I love all the coffee equipment (both the new stuff and the old standbys). Here is the gear I found most interesting (and giftable) this year:

  1. Hario VHS-60 Thermal Carafe– As far as I can tell, Prima Coffee is the only place you can pick up one of these sweet little carafes (and maybe Hario Japan). I am not a huge fan of thermal carafes generally but if your recipient is looking for a small carafe to brew some great coffee into this seems to be a pretty solid option.
  2. Prismo by Fellow Products– I pre-ordered this Aeropress accessory several months ago and am curious to put it through the paces. I think this pairs nicely with the Able travel cap (make sure they have an Aeropress before you accessorize it for them).
  3. Hario Woodneck Drip Pot– I recently revisited this brewer after a long hiatus and  I’ve been enjoying it. For me, it is one of the most enjoyable methods for brewing and drinking coffee (although it does take a little extra effort, brew guide here).
  4. Kruve XL Pack– I have a Kruve sifter but I haven’t had the chance to try out the XL pack. If your recipient has been using and enjoying the Kruve Sifter, I think the XL pack makes the sifter an even more interesting proposition.
  5. OXO Pour Over Coffee Dripper-OXO sent me one of these drippers a few months ago and I must say I find it interesting. Although it is not the best way to brew a cup of coffee, I feel like it lowers the barrier of entry considerably. It is an incredibly simple way to get someone to start brewing coffee manually. It is also great for making coffee while camping.
  6. The American Press– This is another brewer that was sent to me for review. It brews a great cup of coffee and has some advantages on the French Press. I have also brought this brewer with me camping and for some coffee outside excursions and have found it to be durable and a lot of fun.
  7. Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder– I had the opportunity to briefly check out this handmill on a chance meet up with Brian Williams (of Brian’s Coffee Spot Fame). I loved this grinder. It has steel burrs for a fast (and quality) grind and it even fits inside an Aeropress. It is a little on the expensive side for a gift (and currently out of stock on Prima Coffee) but if you are looking for something coffee in that price range, it will not disappoint.

Merry Christmas! What is on your holiday gift list? Share in the comments below. Cheers!

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  1. Super awesome collection of mugs!! I’m probably going to get at least one of those!
    I’m also super interested in the prismo, I pre-ordered it also. Do you think your gonna be able to get anything like espresso with it?

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