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How to Brew With the Toddy Cold Brew System

Autumn is right around the corner but the cold brew craze is still going strong. Before the days turn from muggy to brisk, I want to squeeze in one more cold brew post, this time about the Toddy cold brew system.

The Toddy cold brew system is an extremely popular way to make cold brew. I don’t own one (I certainly have too many brewing apparatuses already) but was able to borrow one for most of the summer to play around with.
Here is my two cents about the Toddy, its pros and cons and my go-to Toddy recipe.

What is the Toddy Cold Brewer

The Toddy is a device that makes brewing large batches of cold brew (just over 1.5 liters) pretty much as close to effortless and mess free as something gets. The classic Toddy cold brew system consists of a large plastic vessel for brewing and a glass carafe for storing the cold brew once it is filtered.

Are you new to cold brew? You can read more about cold brewed coffee here and here.

The Toddy is designed so that the brewing vessel sits securely on top of the carafe. The brewing vessel has a spot at the bottom for a small hockey puck shaped filter (about the diameter of an Aeropress filter) to sit above a hole that is blocked by a removable rubber stopper. When brewing is complete, filtering out the coffee grounds is as easy as unplugging the stopper and setting the brewing vessel on top of the carafe.

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How to Use an Indian Coffee Filter to Make Kaapi

Last November, the fine folks at Mad Rush Coffee contacted me and ask if I would like an Indian coffee filter to experiment with. Always being up for trying new manual brewing methods(I had never heard of one), I eagerly accepted their offer. A few weeks later, a curious six inch tall, cylindrical, stainless steel brewing contraption arrived in my blog mailbox and I began experimenting with Kaapi and my new Indian coffee filter.

It took almost seven months (after a few major holidays, a family vacation and an extensive kitchen remodel) but I am now ready to discuss Kaapi and the Indian coffee filter.

What is an Indian Coffee Filter?

The Indian coffee filter is a small tubular brewing device with roots in southern India. It brews about 60-70mL of a super concentrated coffee.

The device consists of four parts: a bottom container for collecting the brewed coffee, a top compartment which fits onto the bottom and contains small holes for filtering, a small tamper and a lid for the top of the unit.

It is a unique brewing apparatus that will probably not take the place of some of the more popular manual brewers. It is a fun one to experiment with and a fun one to try and master none-the-less (I have not).

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The Iced Aeropress Shake-Up Recipe: Flash Brewed Coffee at Its Finest

A few weeks ago, I shared some of the cold brew techniques I have been tinkering with this spring. While we are on the subject of refreshing iced coffee recipes (and the weather is turning from warm to hot), I thought I would share my absolute favorite method of making iced coffee.

I call them Iced Aeropress Shake-Ups and it seems that everyone I introduce them to is hooked. If you own an Aeropress, you owe it to yourself to try this recipe out.

If you don’t own an Aeropress, you can try a similar technique with a flash brewed pour-over, or get an Aeropress…

Like the three cold brew techniques in my previous post, I cannot take credit for this method. The credit for making me aware of this technique goes to the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast where they mentioned shaking up a concentrated Aeropress brewed over ice in a mason jar (I am unsure which episode but I recommend starting from the beginning and listening to them all).

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