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Travel Coffee- How to Make Great Coffee While Traveling Light

How to brew a great cup of coffee while traveling light is a subject that has vexed many manual brewing enthusiasts over the years. Is it possible to make a great cup of coffee in a hotel room (bedroom, hostel, train station) without bringing your entire manual brewing arsenal in your suitcase?

Would you believe I can fit everything I need to brew a great cup of coffee into the nylon storage bag that came with my Aeropress (with the exception of my Hario Slim Mill and a bottle of water)?

Below are a few travel coffee musings as well as my on-the-road coffee packing list. My travel coffee kit is self-contained and will hold up in nearly every scenario (save the loss of electricity). It is compact, fairly inexpensive and durable. From the curious traveler who has just sworn to never drink another hotel K-cup to the seasoned road brewer, there is a little something for everyone.

Travel Coffee Musings- Everything Boils Down to Hot Water

I’ve been thinking a lot about making coffee away from home (whether coffee outside or traveling) lately and I’ve concluded that the most limiting factor for making a good cup of coffee on the road is hot water. Without a source of clean water and a way to heat it, your options are cold brew, café or settling (or some combination of the three).

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Flash Brew- Two Easy No Mess Iced Coffee Recipes

When I wrote about cold brewed coffee last month, I shared some pros and cons of the brewing method. One thing I neglected to mention was that for me, one of the biggest drawbacks of the method is the mess it can make. While it is not unmanageable, when it is coupled with needing the foresight to start a brew 12 hours in advance, I will frequently take a pass on cold brewing and instead opt for flash brewing my coffee instead.

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy iced coffee. Here is an overview of flash brewed coffee (Japanese Iced Coffee) and a few recipes that should get you enjoying a cold, refreshing coffee over ice within minutes instead of tomorrow.

Is it Iced Coffee or Cold Brew?

You may recall from my post about cold brew coffee that there is a difference between the terms iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Cold brew, as well as flash brew, are methods of brewing coffee. Iced coffee describes a way of serving a brewed coffee.

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