With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas coming right around the corner, I thought it would be good to assemble a small list of unique coffee related gift ideas. If there is someone on your list that is a coffee enthusiast, it is hard to know what makes a good, unique, coffee related gift for this person. On the flip side, if you are into coffee but are unsure of what to put on your list, this list will help get your creative juices flowing (Plus it will probably show you a few things you didn’t even know you wanted).

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A Coffee Tree

A coffee tree can be a great and thoughtful gift. The Coffea Arabica plant is considered to be a fairly easy plant to grow indoors and it also starts out quite small and unassuming. With patience and the right conditions, a small coffee tree can grow into a 5 to 7 foot beast that flowers and bears fruit.

You can order coffee plants on the internet, but it might not be a great time of year to do so. The Coffea Arabica plants needs a temperature of 65 degrees fahrenheit or greater to survive. If your poor little tree sits on your doorstep or on a cold delivery truck all day in the colder climates, it might be toast.

I have heard that sometimes coffee plants can be found at a florist or even Lowe’s and Whole Foods. Look around a bit and ask some questions. It might not be as hard of a thing to find as you think.

Thanksgiving Coffee has a great two part post on growing a coffee tree. There are also some great comments down below the posts that are worth reading as well. You can find Part 2 of the post here.

A Coffee Experience

In this consumerism culture we live in, there are some people that are throwing their hands into the air and are crying for a more minimal lifestyle that is experience driven. These people may not want a plant that has the potential to grow into a 7 foot monster or an espresso machine with a 2 ft. x 4 ft. footprint. They want quality time and experiences. If you have someone like this on your list, a coffee experience might be a great way to connect with them as well as show you care.

Intelligensia Coffee in Chicago sells a tour of their roasting workings. At 30 dollars, it includes a live roasting demo, unlimited and free freshly brewed coffee during the tour, and a 12 oz bag of coffee to bring home. Buy a ticket to go along and experience some instant bonding around a great coffee roaster.

Counter Culture Coffee has eight training centers around the United States. These centers offer a variety of coffee related classes that any hardcore coffee person would love to attend. If the 75 to 250 dollar price range is a little steep for you, Counter Culture does 10 am cuppings every week that are free and would be an absolute blast to attend.

If these options do not appeal to you or they are not a feasible option, do a little research about coffee roasters and shops in your area. A visit to an unexplored coffee shop or a short meet and greet with a small roaster could make a great and memorable coffee experience.

Coffee Apparel

My wife will tell you that I love T-shirts. When we got married, I had somewhere upwards of 300 T-shirts (Yes I realize now that it was a little crazy). Most of my T-shirts were from wrestling events I went to growing up, but I still had a fair amount of just random shirts that I loved. (Please feel free to send me random or coffee related T-shirts, I will wear them).

A unique coffee T-shirt will inspire and put a smile on a coffee lovers face. My wife gave me a vintage coffee roasters shirt from Sweet Maria’s for Christmas last year, and I… LOVE… IT. I would probably wear it multiple times a week if that was socially acceptable. I am not wearing it right now, but I wish I was.

Check out some local roaster’s online shops for great T-shirts that will have a local connection and meaning to the person you are buying the gift for. Colectivo in Milwaukee has some great, unique apparel to choose from (I like the Bike T-shirt). If you are already checking out the Intellgensia sight, you can see some of their sweet apparel as well.

Coffee Gadgets

There is a near endless supply of coffee gadgetry out there. I could write a post everyday until Christmas and beyond featuring a particular brewer, kettle, or grinder. If you are thinking about getting someone a coffee gadget, it is important to try and talk to them and find out what type of things may be on their list. Coffee people can be a little strange about equipment and normally have some definite ideas about what types of brewers or gear they want. Here are a few super sweet coffee items I have my eye on this year.

  1. Snow Peak Fold Down Coffee Drip– I like to do loaded touring (bike camping) and this little guy is not only very visually appealing, it folds up into a small very portable size. Although I have never used it, I have read that is brews similar to a Hario V60 Dripper.
  2. Zojirushi Premium Thermal 1-Liter Carafe– A thermal carafe is an excellent addition to a manual coffee brewing arsenal. It can keep coffee hot for quite some time with out burning the coffee like sitting on a hot plate will do. The Zojirushi carafe has mostly positive reviews and it is not overly expensive. I might have to give it a try.
  3. Hario V60  800 ML Range Coffee Server– I am currently using the base of one of my Corey Vacuum Brewers for a coffee server. While this has been working fine, I would really like to use something a little snazzier that I am less paranoid of breaking.
  4. Kalita Tea Coffee Kettle Wave Pot 1L– While I probably wouldn’t actually buy this kettle for myself, I sure do like to look at it. It has a beautiful design that makes me want to add some 205 degree water and start making people pour overs.

Well… that pretty much wraps up the Brewing Coffee Manually unique coffee gift guide. I am sure there are plenty of other creative and meaningful coffee related gift ideas out there that people have. Do you have any ideas you would like to share? What are the coffee items on your list this year?